Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 10 ~ Photo Challenge

Today my husband received his first issue of a Christmas gift subscription to the ever popular magazine "Reader's Digest".  

Looking at the magazine I began to think about how long this magazine has been around 
so I did some internet research.  

Here is what I learned:  

 1920: DeWitt Wallace was turned down by publishers
1922: DeWitt Wallace and Lila Bell Acheson Wallace publish volume 1, number 1 of Reader's Digest.
-the first issue sold for 25 cents
1923: a subscription for one year was $2.75
1925: Their first full time employee was hired 
1935: the circulation was nearly 1.5 million.
1938: The first international edition is published in the United Kingdom.
1950: Reader's Digest Condensed Books is established. 
1973: The Wallaces retire. 
1996: Reader's Digest World, later renamed, is launched,
 giving the company its first presence on the Internet

The magazine originally started as condensed articles taken from other resources 
and is now almost 80% original articles. 
It was designed smaller so people could carry it with them.
And this Year 2011 the magazine turns 90 years old!

If you want to understand today, you have to search yesterday. 
                                                 ~Pearl Buck

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