Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 ~ Blog Challenge

I've decided I am going to do a "Blog Challenge" this year.  
I have chosen to do the 365 Photo Challenge.

This might be tough; as the day is almost over and I just remembered, as it is nearing 7:00 pm; I hadn't taken a photo yet.  So I looked around the house thinking, what am I gonna use for my very first photo of the year?  I need something representing new beginnings.
And there standing proud was my rescue plant!  I bought this plant from good ole "Walmart" about 5 years ago.  It was only 50 cents, about 3 inches tall and looked like a poor lil orphan with no future.  I thought oh well for 50 cents, I'll give it a home.

 And here is my plant some 5 years later.  

Moral of this Blog:
As with ALL things in life: if you give something/someone a little bit of time, tender loving care, some nurturing, sunlight and water, amazing things will happen.

We all deserve a "New Beginning"!
 Allow the "SON of Light" and the "Spiritual Water" to nurture you!

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