Sunday, January 2, 2011

Photo Challenge ~ Day 2 is here. 

I am also happy to say that my sister is joining me on this challenge.
Check out her blog at . 

Today's Photo:

Mom and Dad's China Cabinet

The China Cabinet stood in the corner of my parents' dining room for-ever. And today the cabinet found a new home.  MY living room.  I must say after a little bit of furniture polish and window cleaner it looks mighty nice.  I am proud of this little old cabinet and can't wait to fill it up with my pretties.

Any furniture, movable, or personal chattel, 
which by law or special custom 
descends to the heir along with the inheritance; 
any piece of personal property that has been in a family 
for several generations. 

And thus starts a new heirloom!

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  1. I love this hutch...It WAS in that corner for-ever. As we know things change, life change and so with change this hutch found a new home. Love it.