Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 6 - Photo Challenge

As I was driving today thinking about what I should take a photo of...I started thinking about my sisters doing this challenge with me and what their photos would be today; they have specific ideas in mind, like my sister who is doing the alphabet -- check out her blog  and me...I'm very random, just going with "whatever" at the moment.  So, where do I find myself pulling into to take a picture......?

At the cemetery, this is my maternal grandparents.  I figure I must have been missing them.  I started thinking about the woodwork Grandpa Bill did and the crocheting my Grandma Bill did.  And I remember the cookies she'd have in the freezer that we got to eat when we had ice cream.  Grandpa Bill's workshop in the basement...I can still remember the smell of sawdust.  Also realizing that it has been over 23 and 25 years since they passed and yup I still miss them.

         ...the Force runs strong in your family. Pass on what you have learned...

                                                ~  Yoda

1 comment:

  1. hard to Believe it's been that long...I recall watching TV in their basement on that lil TV...rolling down the big hill aand hitting that ball on a string...Funny the different things we remember!!